Your first visit

Everyone can climb at Sørlandet Klatresenter. We welcome new people for their first climbing experience alle the time, just show up and tell our staff its your first time and we will get you climbing in no time!

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Following is a short summary of our activities for and what you need to get startet with each of them:

Climbing with autobelay:

We have 29 automatic belaydevices making it possible for beginners to get startet on walls ranging from 9 to 15 meters straight away!
To use our autobelays you need to do a quick training with one of our staff members. The training takes less than 10 minutes and can be done at any time.


Bouldering is climbing on lower walls with mats as protection and do not require any specific training. All you need is a ticket and some climbing shoes!

Climbing with a rope:

To belay others with a rope you need a national certificte for ropeclimbing (either for toptrope or Lead ( Brattkort) If You want to learn how to belay you can sign up for one of our  beginner courses.

Climbing with kids:

Climbing is a perfect activity for kids and families! At Sørlandet Klatresenter you will find walls and routes suitable for all ages.

There is no lowes age limit, but kids below 13 years need to be with an adult at all times. Youth from 13 and 18 can climb alone if one of their parets have read and signed our declaration of responsibility in their name.